Question by  sasi (39)

How did King Leonidas of Sparta die?

What does history think of him?


Answer by  ddeaks (20)

King Leonidas died in the much fabled battle of Thermoplylae, illustrated in the movie 300. He was killed by the forces of the Persian empire under King Xerxes, son of Darius. Leonidas in Europe is seen as the comsumate hero, who prevented Europe from being a very different landscape today.


Answer by  ChilliJames (18)

King Leonidas defended against the Persian invasion under XerxesI. The Greeks held on for 2 days until, through treachery the Persians flanked the Greeks. Leonidas died towards the beginning of the 3rd day, and the battle was then centered around the body of the king till all greeks were slaughtered.


Answer by  kingbet (44)

King Leonidas of Sparta died during the battle of Battle of Thermopylae. His death is quite similar to the movie "300". He was thought of as a fair ruler.

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