Question by  sweetp (11)

How can you text a cell phone from a computer?


Answer by  AJ93 (182)

Go to the cell phone providers website. There should be an option to text from the computer by email to the cell phone number you are trying to contact. Be aware that you may still be charged for texting to the number, by your provider. The person you are texting will also be charged.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Look for website online that let you do this online. A lot of Email sites will let you do this and instant messenger s sometimes do to.


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

One way to do this is to get a Skype account and install Skype (freeware) to the computer. Once you've logged into your account on the Skype homepage, you can buy credit for calls/ messages. When you've done this, you're able to send text messages from the computer via Skype.


Answer by  lauren75 (82)

The easiest way is to go to your cell phone service providers website and text through there. If your service provider does not support that function then you can always search through Google.


Answer by  belle2714 (361)

Most of the wireless companies websites have a section where you can send a text to a number. All you do is enter the number and message into a form.


Answer by  imkboiscrie113 (252)

You can send a text message from a computer to a cell phone through some messanger services like Yahoo Instant Messanger.

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