Question by  soonerborn (19)

How can you tell when spaghetti squash is ready to pick?


Answer by  Midnight (35)

Sixty to ninety days, they will ripen. As they ripen put straw underneath the squash or place them on top of a pot so that the underside doesn't rot. You can tell when they are ready, when you can pierce the outer skin with your finger nail. Pick and you're ready to go.

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this should say you can NOT pierce the skin with your fingernail  add a comment

Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

When the squash is ready to pick it will have reached its buttery yellow color or a deep orange,also the squashes skin will be hardened. The vine tendril will be brown and shriveled which will be found opposite the fruit. When cutting the squash leave a two inch stem which will help to avoid bruising the fruit.


Answer by  golfgirl (173)

Spaghetti squash is a mild variety of squash with a pleasant flavour. It is ready to pick when it has a slight yellow tint to it. If it is indeed ripe, the insides will be filled with strings of sqaush that look a lot like spaghetti. It can then be cooked in many ways or stored for several months.


Answer by  Wormoid (25)

Spaghetti squash is ready to harvest when it has a slight yellow tint to it. If you pick a spaghetti squash too soon the insides will not be completely developed and it may be mushy in texture. A spaghetti squash that is ripe has strings of squash in the inside that look a lot like spaghetti.


Answer by  Anonymous

When is spaghetti squash ready to pick?

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