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Question by  Richa (35)

How can you tell when green peppers are ready to pick?

I have green peppers growing and need to know when to pick them.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

Pick them when they look the right size and color to you. If you wait too long and they start to change color, then just go ahead and let them ripen, they will still taste good.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

If you allow them to fully ripen, they will turn from green into red peppers. If you want to use them as green peppers, you can pick them at any time. You will know they have stopped getting bigger when they are streaked with darker color.


Answer by  homemaker (19)

Give the peppers a gentle tug. If they are ripe, they will easily come off the plant. If the plant moves several inches, wait.


Answer by  DiannaLynn (24)

The best time to pick green peppers is when the skin forms a shiny dark green skin and are firm to the touch.

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