Question by  shuyii (8)

How can you tell if someone is abusing drugs?

I am worried about my brother, I think he may be on drugs, but I want to be sure before I tell someone.


Answer by  SillyBands (36)

People on drugs normally try to hind that fact, however when they are high, they normally slip up on their lies. Even small slip ups are signs. For example, saying "Oh, I have trouble sleeping, I need this to sleep," but taking the medicine in the middle of the afternoon.


Answer by  DoctorMom55 (47)

While there is no way to be sure, some common signs could include an unusual distance from a person who was once more open. This distance could be addiction taking over his or her life. In addition, look for newfound friends who could be encouraging this negative behavior. As always the best way, however, is to talk about it.


Answer by  Blyndde (51)

Are they acting strange? Do they have mood swings? Have they become less motivated? Have they started to steal or do they become very agitated? Also have they lost weight and do they not eat? Look for treck marks on them and check for delighted eyes?


Answer by  StaceyW (251)

People who use drugs are often withdrawn from people who are close to them. The don't look like themselves anymore. They often run with a different crowd of friends.

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