Question by  amraj23 (9)

How can you stop vomiting?

I always vomit when I get nervous.


Answer by  NotQuitePhD (113)

There are many antiemetic medications on the market, including meclazine (Dramamine), odansetron (Zofran), and scopolamine. You should consult with your primary care physician to determine what if any of these medications would be most effective in your case. Most of these medications will require a prescription. Natural remedies for vomiting include eating candied ginger and drinking peppermint tea.


Answer by  flower2 (143)

You could try breathing exercises when you get nervous in order to calm down, or ask a therapist for assistance if it is a big problem. Alternatively, you can try carrying tums or mylanta chewable with you that you can take when you are feeling like you need to vomit, in order to lessen the stomach acids.


Answer by  Trina94 (94)

Try relaxation and stress management techniques before becoming involved with a situation that produces nervousness or anxiety. It might also be wise to consult with a health-care professional.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

There are many different things that can be used but an all time favorite is Ginger Ale, or you can make a ginger tea as tea is good to relieve the nausea that you feel. You could also learn when you are nervous to just stop and take deep breaths and tell yourself that this too shall pass. This helps.

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