Question by  superwhites (220)

How can you make a dog vomit?

My dog eats things he shouldn't, and I think it would be good to make him vomit it up, but I'm not sure how.


Answer by  FredR (92)

In fact, it's rarely the right thing to do to make your dog vomit. However, you can get a syrup that will do this very effectively from your vet, should he/she agree about the need for it. Most things a dog eats will pass through without problems. Serious toxins are normally absorbed before an animal can be made to vomit.


Answer by  esb1983 (16)

You can use hydrogen Peroxide to make your dog vomit. Small dogs get a cap full which is about 1 teaspoon on a regular size bottle of hydrogen peroxide and larger dogs get 2 teaspoons. Make sure you have someone to help with larger breeds. Fill a syringe to make it easier to get down the throat.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

A small dose of hydrogen peroxide will work, however proceed with caution. The only time you should do this is if you are sure he/she swallowed something completely dangerous. It would be best to consult a vet and ask him/her this question.


Answer by  Quis (204)

I think there are certain stuff in dog sections of stores that you can buy to make a dog vomit or even at the Vet.

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