Question by  BJ (26)

How can I write a good sympathy note for a parent?

I need to write a friend who lost her daughter.


Answer by  NTKuan (59)

Try to comfort and encourage the parent the way you want others to comfort you if you lost the person who you love the most in this world.


Answer by  caitlin19 (24)

Try to sympathize but do not repeatedly say you are sorry. This is someone a persno who has lost someone dear to them hear a lot. Also keep it simple and show your support for that person.


Answer by  ahhmericanwoman (102)

Be sincere. Your friend will know if it's not sincere. Mention things you liked about her daughter and what made her special and unique. Tell a good memorable story about her. Don't say to take comfort in her other children ~ the child she lost can never be replaced!


Answer by  ritujain (234)

Try to console him saying God's destiny. Or console him by giving ideas to be busy in any work to heel up from this bad slap of God.

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