Question by  Antbak (28)

Should I write thank you notes for sympathy cards?


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Sympathy cards are intended to convey thoughts and prayers. They do not take the place of attendence at the funeral. So, while it is not necessary, you might want to respond if the card came from someone that was close to you or the deceased, and was not able to visit the funeral home or attend the burial.


Answer by  BillT (172)

This varies by local custom, but generally no. However, if there is a gift or donation involved than you should acknowledge it. In some instances people write thank you notes to everyone who attended the wake or funeral and signed the visitation register. But for those only sending a card, it is not necessary.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Thank you notes are not required if the only thing you received was a sympathy card. After all, after a loss, many people will send cards and understand that you are too burdened to be bothered with a reply. However, if gifts were also sent, thank you cards are appropriate.


Answer by  arkadeb313 (67)

Sympathy card is not a gift and your conditions is not such that senders should expect a thank you. However, to thank a group you may post a thank you message at a location where many of the senders of such messages gather.

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