Question by  PS (31)

I have a Sony TV, a VCR, and a cable box. I want to watch one program while recording another. What instructions can you give me?

I live in the USA, if that makes a difference.


Answer by  Mitchell (74)

With only a TV a VCR and a cable box there is no way you can watch one program while recording another unless you get a DVR.


Answer by  wQQdy (121)

It's impossible. You'll have to get another cable box, put it on the VCR and change the channel. You can see if the other show you want to record is viewable without the box by putting a cable from the wall without a box, see if you get that channel.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The easiest way is to run a splitter to both the vcr and the tv. Then you set the vcr to the channel you want to record. The watch the other show on the tv. Otherwise you should just buy a dvr that will let you do that without splitting the line.

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