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Question by  SabrinaD (26)

How can I unlock my PSP?


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

This involves installing a custom firmare and using a "Pandora" battery hack. If you are unlocking to play pirated games, it is illegal. You can find resources readily online.


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

It depends on what model and software version you have first off. The later models are impossible to unlock. Just do a search on what model and software version you have. Ther's quite a bit of guides out there on the internet that can help. There's quite a bit of steps to it so I can't explain it in detail.


Answer by  mgison014 (171)

You can go and look for the system settings in your Play Station Portable or PSP home menu. Then look for restore default settings button and click. From there, you are assigned to enter a code password. Your default password could be 0000 or 9999. If not just contact technical support and asks for assistance.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

It really depends on the model. If you have an older model (most 1000 and 2000 series) you can buy a "pandora battery" tool. If you have the newer slim (3000) model, you will need to use a software solution, but it only works on older firmware versions.


Answer by  armand1118 (69)

unlocking your PSP is illegal but if you want to do this, the easiest way is to go online and type in "Unlock my PSP" it is a relatively easy thing to do. you just have to find the site that tells you how to. again.. this is ILLEGAL and doing this MAY cause legal actions from Sony.


Answer by  Creedr (73)

Even though the PSP has been unlocked for the first time nearly 2 years ago there is no good source for unlocking. Also, trying to is against the Sony TOS.

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