Question by  t56 (143)

How can I troubleshoot static problems with the TV audio.

The speakers crackle after the TV's been on for a few minutes.


Answer by  bobomonkey72 (19)

A common source of static in a television's audio is too many electronic devices sharing the same powerstrip. Remove some of those extra devices and you may solve the problem.


Answer by  amitmishra (8)

If the crackling remains with the volume at zero, then the speakers are good and the problem is more likely in the high voltage.


Answer by  phantom (13)

You may have a short in your speaker wiring. If you feel you can open up your TV to check the wires try to see if they may be loose.


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

Like any troubleshooting job, you need to narrow down where the problem is coming from. One by one, switch something out to see if its the problem> For example, if other speakers work fine, that you know the speakers have a problem, if not, than the problem isn't the speakers.

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