Question by  joemason (83)

How do I troubleshoot a problem with my computer?

I keep losing my taskbar at the bottom of Windows XP.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the first thing to do is check it's properties. It sounds like you have it set to auto hide. Right click on it and go to properties make sure auto hide is not selected.


Answer by  MHugabom (523)

Your task bar is probably set to auto hide. Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and right click with your mouse. Select always on top.


Answer by  rod4uth (10)

In windows xp there is an option called auto hide taskbar. To remove this option use the following steps. In windows xp right click on the start button, and left click properties. Left click the taskbar tab. if there is a checkmark in the Auto Hide Taskbar box. Left click in the check box to remove it. Then click ok


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

Right click on the task bar. You will look for properties. In here there will be some check boxes, uncheck auto hide task bar.


Answer by  kpb (20)

Is the task bar really lost, or is "auto-hide the task bar" enabled? Another thing to check would be to check the resolution of the screen.


Answer by  USHARAMKUMAR (4)

Select 'help and support' from 'start' then select 'networking and the web' and click 'home and small office networking troubleshooter'. Then you can answer the questions in the Troubleshooter.

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