Question by  Dinder (22)

How can I start developing my vibrato when playing the violin?


Answer by  Surra (14)

You put the end of the violin to the wall and start playing. i did so. Plus you use special exersizes all the time to make your finger move better. just anywhere by the table put a finger on the desk and start acting like you're doing a vibrato.


Answer by  stringer (14)

Once you develop your technique to where your hand is in a proper playing position. Slowly practice rolling your finger tip over the string from side to side. You can also practice rolling the tip of your finger and tilting your wrist side to side on a table. Once comfortable shake wrist faster.


Answer by  Elise56 (9)

You always want to start vibrato slowly. Try setting your metronome at the fastest speed that you can do nice even vibrato at as sixteenth notes. This may be as slow as 50 bpm or even slower. Once you can repeatedly do a nice vibrato at this speed, slowly increase the metronome until you're comfortable with your vibrato.


Answer by  fleurdelizfilrose (16)

Start practicing with your 2nd or 3rd finger. Slowly roll your hand forward while bowing. Note the slight change in tone. Now roll it back. Speed up this movement until it sounds right. Also relax your hand so the only parts touching the neck are the thumb and finger.


Answer by  kylea57 (26)

Start slowly moving your finger back and fourth on the string. As you get better, slowly increase the speed. Eventually your vibrato will be fantastic, you're gonna be a great player, good luck!


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Start by working with a stronger finger (probably your index or middle finger). Start by slowly rocking your finger back and forth and slowly increase speed to develop your vibrato.


Answer by  Laura47 (138)

One way to do it is to put the scroll against the wall and start loosening up your hand, finger or wrist, depending on the kind of vibrato you would like to develop. There is no one answer, and you should be guided by a teacher if at all possible.

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