Question by  PulpFiction (19)

How can I shorten the crotch in a pair of pants?


Answer by  Mydnight (111)

Put the pants on inside out, pin the crotch to the desired length. You should leave approximately a half inch of space between the leg and pin. Now run the pants through a sewing machine on the outer side of the pins starting on the edge of the original hem.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, if you have the time, take out the seams and then cut it to the adjusted length. Then sew over it accordingly. You may want to use a serger.


Answer by  Junebug (158)

Starting at the mid-thigh of the inner seam, use a sewing machine to stitch a new inseam. Stitch upward toward the crotch, gradually making a wider seam in the crotch area, then tapering off down the other side.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

the easiest way is to fold down on the waist line and that will hike up the crotch and make the pant shorter


Answer by  Aya (797)

This is actually pretty complicated, and unless you sew frequently, then you may not want to try it. You need to let out the seams, removed material from the waist, and sew back.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, to shorter the crotch you have to undo the seam and then go over the area you would like to be assembled.


Answer by  supadoop (8)

I'd take it in. However, there are a lot of styles today (for girls) that are tunics and longer- you can totally cover the awkward crotch!

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