Question by  professorkk (44)

How can I safely kill the moths in my house?


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

If the moths are visible, use a fly swatter. If not, spray a perfume or deodorizer in the house. This will not agree with the moths and they will die. Insects are sensitive to the ingredients in these two products, but it will not harm humans.


Answer by  Zach1988 (81)

One way I discovered is to hang a few pieces of fly tape from the ceiling and at night, turn a flashlight on near the tape. Poison isn't good inside and flyswatters are messy.


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

A fly swatter is most certainly the most environmentally friendly method to use when killing insects around your home. If there is a large scale infestation, however, it is important to not spray chemicals absent mindedly without being aware of the source, such as cloths from a closet. Take care when approaching this problem.


Answer by  naputnam (454)

You can use moth balls or cedar moth repellents. There are also glue traps which are effective, they use pheromones as bait. The moths get stuck to the traps.


Answer by  CandaceCam (55)

There are different types of moths. If you are finding them in your grains you must first eliminate those from your cupboard. I would recommend using a professional.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

The safest way is by useing pheromone moth traps which you can find very easily. You also can set a low humidity level to kill them. Another efficient way seems to be vacuming a lot.

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