Question by  TamanduaGirl (77)

Can I have a list of the biggest animals sizes?

I would like a list of large animals by size.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

The blue whale is the biggest, followed by the African Bush Elephant. The giraffe is the tallest land animal. The ostrich is the largest bird. Red Kangaroo is largest marsupial.


Answer by  Li11 (14)

To list the biggest animal sizes can be subjective, depending on if you're considering just the height, weight, or length, or all of the above. By far, the Blue Whale is the largest living animal. Some other large animals are: the Elephant, Brown bear, giraffe and the Clydesdale horse.


Answer by  Callypso (18)

The biggest animal on earth is the Blue Whale weghting 190 tones and measuring 100ft. The Biggest land animal is the African Bush elephant weighing 13.5 tones.


Answer by  karthi29198 (33)

The animals can be classified based on the mode of living. The biggest animal in water is Blue whale which is of weight 190 tonnes and of height 30m. The biggest land animal is African Bush elephant which is of 100kgs at birth and a matured elephant will be of 13. 5 tonnes and 10. 6m height.

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