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Question by  Rastadata (38)

How can I repair a broken bumper?


Answer by  jonnyd (94)

Duct tape is probably the most cost effective way to complete the repair. It is water proof and be known to hold seals in the most treacherous weather. It is not the most popular quick repair material for no reason. It can hold crack in your broken bumper for months on end.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It all depends what the damage is. You might end up replacing the whole bumper. There are people that say that you can do this yourself, but unless you are a mechanic this is not as easy as it seems. If its just a scratch that's another story and you might be able to touch this up yourself.


Answer by  David31 (39)

You really should not repair a bumper that has been in an accident. They are meant to deform in the impact, taking up the energy of the crash. They are meant to be used only once, like an airbag. If you have no money to buy a new one, you can usually weld it or use JB Weld.

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