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Question by  MarcusAntonious (36)

How can I remove rust stains from concrete?


Answer by  Rathi (108)

Lemon juice is a best remedy for removing the rust stains from concrete. Just pour some lemon juice over the rust stain and brush the area after few minutes.


Answer by  ratnam (150)

put some bleaching powder over the concrete surface where rust stain is seen. Keep it as such for a day. After that brush it properly. The rust stain will be removed. Kerosene also has the power to remove the rust stain.Pour some kerosene over the rust surface and clean it after two days.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

You can either use the rust detergent you put on clothes, pour very cheap dark wine on the rust, or make a mixture with bleach and other detergents.


Answer by  MichaelHails (38)

Rust stains can be removed from concrete using mild acid, and many people have found success using fresh lemon juice or undiluted white vinegar. Spray either of these on the stain and let sit, then rinse. If the stain persists, head to your hardware store for a chemical rush remover containing oxalic acid. Be careful, as it is very toxic.

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