Question by  Teya74 (16)

How can I remove sulfur stains in my commode?

My toilet has horrible sulfur stains from our well water, I think.


Answer by  vto (226)

There are many products out there to remove these types of stains. I think the best one is the scrubbing bubbles which has the power to get sulfur stains off if left on long enough. Commit is also a good cleaner to use to the sulfur stains off the toilet.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Try bleach, it may as well be the only thing that might work. IF that doesn't work, use some vinegar, it will work wonders. You have to let it rest in the toilet bowl for a bit though.


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

Drain the water out and gently scrub the stains with a pumice stone. Get a calcium and lime remover and pour it on the stains, leave it to sit for a few minutes, or however long the bottle specifies. Then use a toilet brush to give it a thorough scrub before you flush.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You need to buy a toilet bowl cleaner called the works. I swear by that stuff it removes rust and it also removes lime deposits.

Reply by bhorchler (0):
Although "The Works" removes lime and rust, it does NOTHING on sulfur stains. I know--I've been through it all!  add a comment

Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

If bleach doesn't work to remove sulfur stains from the commode, try using dishwasher detergent. It is formulated to remove stains from porcelain and is safe. Use about three times what you would for a load of dishes, let it sit for an hour, then scrub.


Answer by  Anonymous

Pour in about a pint of RustAid from Lowes and let sit overnight. The next morning the stain will be gone.


Answer by  Anonymous

I use a product called Rust Aid from Lowes. I pour about a pint into the toilet bowl and leave it set overnight. The next morning it is bright and shiny like new. Use more as needed for tougher stains.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Minerals in water can cause this problem. Purchase a lime and calcium remover especially for this. First scrub stained area well and then apply remover. Scrub with toilet brush until stains are eliminated. Flush. White vinegar is good to use to help keep sulfur stains at bay.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

Scrub with a sponge using vinegar and borax. You can also try draining the water out and scrubbing with a toilet bowl brush using limeaway or just about any other calcium and lime remover. If the toilet bowl brush doesn't work, a pumice stone should do the job just fine.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

You might want to try bleaching them out. Just remember that many people are allergic to bleach and always wear gloves when working with bleach. You might always want to try using some limeaway and see if that works, as well. You could also try using salt as salt is rough and removes stains.

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