Question by  klmake136 (19)

How can I reduce the humidity in my attic?


Answer by  cbswilsonsresortcom (53)

Using a whole house vent fan will pull the air from the house out through the attic and will reduce humidity as well as your electric bills. You could put a dehumidifier into your attic but you would need electricity to run it.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You can purchase dehumidifiers from Lowes, or Home depot, they are electric, but they do a great job in reducing humidity in closed in areas.


Answer by  John (9008)

The best way to reduce humidity in an attic is to install an attic fan. You should also check the vents on your roof; these come in a variety of styles and sizes. You may need to buy a larger vent or intall a new one, which is not costly.

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