Question by  benicio (257)

How can I prevent divots in my rug or carpet?

From heavy furniture.


Answer by  hefito (226)

I don't think you can prevent them, but I think you can minimize them. Lessen the indentation by spreading the furniture's weight via furniture pads or furniture sliders. Also, padding beneath the rug/carpet will help absorb some of the weight and reduce the permanence of the dent.


Answer by  kbo (401)

To prevent divots, place a piece of foam under the corners of furniture. To remove the divots after removing furniture, place a piece of ice on the spot, let melt.


Answer by  bris (82)

With furniture of any kind caution must be used where the legs contact the carpeted surface. Anydamage to legs can snag carpet threads and pull them loose. If you have older or used furniture be extracareful with the legs and if necessary use carpet protective disks. Distribute the weight of the furniture so divots do not develop in the floor.

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