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Question by  FryPod (7)

How can I prevent bladder leaks?

Since having children anytime I sneeze I have a bladder leak.


Answer by  liblue (683)

Weight loss is the best antidote for bladder leaks. Kegel exercises that strenthen the bladder opening are recommend by doctors. This involves restricting and releasing of the involved muscles.


Answer by  fawnjamrn (87)

Kegel exercises are the best prevention and cure. Pretend you are trying not to pee or pass gas. Hold that for about 3-5 seconds. Release and repeat. Do this several times a day. Try doing kegels while sitting at a stop light, watching TV, standing at stove. No more leaking.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

If you have bladder leaks whenever you sneeze, you have two options. Either stop sneezing or wear a pantyliner. To stop sneezing, just concentrate on an object, phrase, or word and eventually you will forget about sneezing. You could also put a finger to your nose. The other choice was pantyliners, which are much more practical.

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