Question by  Serafinah (232)

Can I have some tips on installing a shower sealant?

I have noticed that my shower head is leaking and need to apply a sealant to prevent further leaks.


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

Remove the shower head. Make sure to apply back pressure to assure that the neck does not turn in an unwanted way. Apply silicon and reattach the head.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Remove the shower head and dry the underlying area completely. Buy white or clear caulking or silicon from a hardware store and apply it as if it were glue. Press the head into place and apply another layer of caulking around the base


Answer by  ServicePlumber (211)

This is an easy repair. The hardest part will tend to be unthreading the old shower head. The head will have a tendancy to turn the arm itself, be sure to apply back pressure to the shower arm before trying to unscrew. After it comes off, use Teflon Tape around the existing threads and reapply the head.


Answer by  TheRealPlumber (249)

When ever you choose to reseal your shower you will need to consider removing any old sealers, caulking, or grout from the area you are wishing to reseal. remember when reapplying the new sealer to smooth out and dry the surface prior to applying.

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