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Question by  cary (111)

How can I preserve cayenne peppers?


Answer by  Fran67 (77)

I have used a needle and thread to string cayenne peppers for drying as a means of preserving them. When they are dry, they can be stored in glass jars.


Answer by  Shelley66 (108)

You can pickle cayenne peppers. You can string them whole and dry them. You can use a spice grinder to make cayenne powder.


Answer by  DogLover82 (412)

Two of the easiest ways are freezing and drying. To freeze the peppers, lay them out on a cookie sheet. Freeze them overnight, then put them in small plastic bags and store them in the freezer. The other ways is to dry them in a dark space, once shriveled and hard, pack them in glass bottles or baggies.


Answer by  Hepets84 (139)

I use bell jars or small mason jars. I wrap the peppers in tin foil and then place them into the jars. Then I put the lid on tight!

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