Question by  ld (17)

How can I make a Toy Story cake?

My son wants a Toy Story cake for his birthday.


Answer by  Tatje (7)

First of all I would watch the movie Toy Stoy with my son. That way I know what is my sons favorite toy in the movie. As soon as I learned that information I would base the shape of the cake on his favorite toy. I would consider going to a bakery to make the actual cake.


Answer by  Kymberee (127)

You could make a basic sheet cake with chocolate frosting and either print out edible pictures of the Toy Story characters, pipe their designs onto the cake, or buy edible decorations/plastic figurines. Party stores have plastic figurines because TS3 just came out so it's a big market! You could also shape the cake into a pig or horse!


Answer by  dinomarino (268)

You can make a Toy Story cake with a bit of creativity on your part. You will need all the basics to make the cake, cake mix, icing, and lots of food coloring. You can get many ideas from a website called /toy-story. Good luck!


Answer by  Jemian (222)

Happy Birthday to your son! It isn't difficult to find a cake pan in the shape of Bud Lightyear or some of the other characters from Toy Story. These are sold at many department stores. Make a cake in the shape of a bed from the movie and decorate it in action figures. Use a heavy batter to retain shape.


Answer by  Devierue (317)

First, bake a cake that your son will like. Let it cool completely so that when you try to put frosting on. Then either draw the Toy Story characters in frosting or use the color scheme from the movies poster and put toys on top.

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