Question by  vijay97 (14)

How can I locate European hornets?


Answer by  jollyliza2004 (43)

European Hornet, scientifically known as Vespa crabro L. also known as Giant hornet can be found in the Northeastern States west to the Dakotas and South yo Louisiana and Florida.


Answer by  BugGuy (31)

The European hornet can be located under the eaves of houses, decaying logs, attics, inside of hollow walls, underground, and possibly in an unproteched area. If the nest is in an unprotected area, the nest can be identified by a brown fiberous encasement. European hornets can be usually found in orchards where they feed of insects.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Look for hornets for starters. One does not need to travel to Europe to find the European Hornet. The morphology of the target insect can easily be apprehended by visiting a biology website.


Answer by  malpoa (363)

European hornets are about 25mm in length. They have yellow jackets and reddish brown colour on the sides and top of their head. A portion of abdominal segment is reddish brown in colour and the other portion has yellow markings. Their eyes are red and wings are brownish.

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