Question by  nuhuskies (22)

How can I locate a farm grant writer?


Answer by  sraydod (16)

A farm grant writer can often be located by making an inquiry at the county farm bureau office of the region of interest. A second potential resource would be a college or university having an agricultural or horticultural field of study available.


Answer by  MathGeek (30)

The best way to locate such a writer, particularly if you live in a rural area, would be to use the internet to search for writers with the skills that you desire. A google search for "farm grant writer" would be a place to start.


Answer by  rlgoard (84)

You should be able to locate a farm grant writer by using those exact words in an online search query. Also try grant writers as keywords in a search. Check with your local college or employment commision as they may have suggestions.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

You can do an Internet search looking for a freelance writer or writing group and advertise there. You can also contact your local farm board for recommendations.


Answer by  dbrent24 (32)

It depends on the type of farm you have. For instance, if you have a "green", or eco-friendly farm, there is an entire slew of grant writers to help you, I recommend "Greenleaf Project Management". You can also search sites like Live Person for an expert.

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