Question by  AimeyBakes (16)

How can I learn to write children's books?

Is there a special school or course for this?


Answer by  JD24 (149)

While many universities currently offer courses in children's literature, in particular in education and teaching and some professors even specialize in the field, reading the books themselves may be best.


Answer by  tom96 (95)

I would suggest that if you want to write books for children you try and get inside the mind of a child rather than take a course. Remember what you were like when you were young. What excited you and captured your imagination? What would you have liked to read?


Answer by  Marie (778)

Many writing programs do offer classes specifically in children's/juvenile fiction, so take a look at your local colleges and continuing education programs. Look also for writers groups in your area -- you'll be able to present your work to other writers and get their feedback. Also, read as many children's books as you can to learn.


Answer by  usama (5)

you can learn to write children books by reading more and more books related to children's and by giving time to children and knowing them what they want. You should write book with pictures because children grasp very easily with pictures.

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