Question by  johnny2211 (27)

How can I learn to hold my breath longer underwater?


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

First learn to hold breath for a frctin of a sec and increse the time minute by minute daily.Do not hold breath for a long tome without pracice.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

It's not necessary to practice while underwater. You must practice fully filling your lungs with air, and then exhaleing at a controlled rate. In short order, you should begin to see some improvement.


Answer by  saravanan (91)

Try doing some yoga and breathing exercises like pranayama. Practice holding your breath everyday.Say start with 10 seconds and slowly increase by 5 seconds everyday.


Answer by  kidatheart (11)

When I was little we used to play underwater freeze tag. I would take ten big breaths and then I could make it to the other side of the pool.

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