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Question by  llisatakb (30)

What is an organic way to kill ants?

I want a nice natural way to kill those ants!


Answer by  bluestar (100)

The most humane and natural method of eliminating ants is to sprinkle diatamacious earth along floor boards, doorways or cracks. They instinctively will avoid it.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

You can use your hands to squash them. Or splash water all over the place and drown them. Or get some spiders because they will eat the ants. These are all natural ways to kill ants.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

One way to kill ants naturally is to use sudsy water -- just add a small amount of liquid soap or laundry detergent to water, and spray it around. You can also do the same thing with lemon, lime, or orange peels. If you want to use a barrier, any powdery substance will work. Just sprinkle it where you see ants.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

There are a few ways to do this. Sprinkle cornmeal or grit around and this will expand in the ants stomach and kill them. Borax can also be mixed with as sweet syrup to kill ants. If you can find orange peel oil or extract this will also kill the ants if they eat it.


Answer by  lilian (397)

*Put cayenne, citrus oils, lemon juice, cinnamon, basil, garlic, or fresh bay leaves at the point of entry. *Use vinegar to clean. *Mix borax and corn syrup in a jar with holes in the lid. Label it with permanent marker. Keep away from children and pets. *Fire ants- pour 3 liters boiling water into the mound.


Answer by  roxy3555 (51)

You should try poring 1 gallon of boiling water onto the ant hill. It worked for me just make sure you are very careful!


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