Question by  cdolezal (37)

How can I keep other kids from being cruel to my autistic children?

I need help with my autistic child and cruel children.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Talk to your child's school and see if they could take the time to have an Autism Awareness seminar for the whole school or just your child's class.


Answer by  lorel (274)

Kids that are just plain mean, need to be avoided. For the others, use education. Select the absolute best activity for your children. Invite a few other kids over to participate in it too. Make sure there are many rewards, treats, and fun for them - "bribes" for learning about autism.


Answer by  Harte76 (21)

To help prevent cruelty towards and autistic child,you can approach the teacher and have them address the class on autism in terms the children will understand. For children outside of school or school age you will just have to limit their contact with your children.


Answer by  TeacherSarah (34)

In school, it should be the responsibility or the teacher or aide to divert such behavior. Get your children involved with their peers outside of the school environment. Eventually, they will recognize that your children are people too and a small core group of friends may protect them from bullies.

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