Question by  Majyk (115)

How can I improve my average typing speed?


Answer by  cherylsaynhi (18)

Practice makes perfect; however, before beginning typing, it helps to become familiar with where each key is located on the keyboard. Soon, you will not even look at your keyboard, which also helps you to gain speed. Free online typing tests can also help, and vary from beginner, to advanced.


Answer by  L (134)

To improve your typing speed, just keep practicing. Get a typing book and take the tests which will help teach you accuracy and timing. After awhile, typing quickly and accurately becomes second nature.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

The best way is to practice. There are several programs you can purchase with fun and easy activities to help you speed up. Also there are some games online that are very helpful.


Answer by  Bala (23)

First dont be nervous while you type. Practice regularly and tell to your mind your speed will be fast then the previous.Type more and gradually you can fo it easily by way practicing. practice makes a man perfect


Answer by  Barbara (38)

The best possible way to increase your typing speed is to practice. There are many web sites designed to help you learn your keyboard faster and more accurate. Try covering your keyboard with a piece of paper while taking these typing skill tests. You will be amazed.

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