Question by  nyne (31)

How can i identify horse playful behavior?

How do horses play?


Answer by  MrsShannonHarrell (768)

Running, bucking, snorting, heads held high and tossing manes around, rearing and mock strikes, coupled with sudden bursts of strenuous activity signify "playtime" with horses. Often times, tails will be flipped up over their backs, ears will be pricked forward, and the eyes are bright. They look just plain HAPPY!


Answer by  Zuzu (200)

Horses have an enormous capacity for play and will play with each other by chasing, nuzzling, feigning rearing and bucking without actually meaning to strike and even play a simple game of tag. Horseplay also establishes hierarchy within the herd and is an important part of development.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

They love to run and often interact with each other; they will run together and around one another or even nip at each others. They also will bend trees and run around objects.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Horses like to run around like crazy when they're being playful. They will often kick, buck, rear and hop all over the place. Horses are vocal when they play too. They will often whinny or snicker while running around. Another way is they will often nudge or nuzzle you but that's not always good. Horse people don't encourage that behavior.

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