Question by  Black (13)

Where is the best place to brand a horse?

I recently purchased three horses and need to brand them with my ranch's mark so that I can identify them if they get stolen.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Do it under the mane, towards the top of the neck. This way the brand is covered by the mane so no one can see it and if you were to sell the horse people wouldn't not want to buy it due to the branding. Some people won't buy horses with branding because they want to show the horse.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Most brands are placed on the animal's rear flank ( either left or right ). This is one of the less sensitive areas of the animal's body and people know to look for brands there. The brand should be at least 2 inches in diameter and unique to your ranch.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

I had a Quarter Horse growing up and he had a brand on his left hip. A horse gets a brand when they are a colt. I have read that some horses get brands on their upper lip which would be very painful. I tried to find the ranch in Texas my horse came from but with no luck.

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