Question by  anthonyross43 (17)

How can I identify John Somers pewter?

I collect pewter pieces and would like to add John Somers pieces to my collection.


Answer by  Vivi55 (287)

There will be three shields in a row somewhere on the piece, with JS in the first, an X with two dots on either side in the second, and MG in the third.

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I have a few pieces of John Somers all markes JS X MG. Are you still looking?  add a comment
Reply by Jmschreier (1):
Are you looking to purchase any? I have a number of pieces for sale.  add a comment
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In addition to what was stated by vivi55 you may see an A stamped below the 3 shields. This means the piece was given a distressed finish at the factory.  add a comment
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what if the x has a crown above it  add a comment

Answer by  sswork11 (184)

Jon Somers was originally English, but left and set up a workshop in Brazil in 1975. This enterprise is still in operation. The definitive marking would be "Jon Somers" stamped on the underside of the piece.


Answer by  Jmschreier (1)

Are you still looking for pieces? I have a few that are all marked for sale.


Answer by  antiquesfayre (0)

Hey if you never found any, i have a nice mug by JS email me for a pic antiquesfayre at hotmail

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Do you want to purchase any? I have a bunch for sale?  add a comment
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