Question by  Anandhakumark (10)

How do you prune a rose bush?

I have got one nice rose bush and I want to take care of it.


Answer by  cavebear (120)

I prune it the way i like it. For me there is no standard protocol in pruning my rose. Normally, I get a cutter and my gloves then I will cut the dead leaves and the dead buds. Trim the rose to make it nice and look healthy.


Answer by  Melissa76 (282)

After the bloom starts to die off, prune about a couple of inches under that, at a angle, also banana peels are really good for them.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

To keep it healthy and promote air circulation, prune canes that are growing towards the center of the plant at the first outward facing leave nodes. Use very sharp shears.

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