Question by  Taka (8)

How can I help my son who throws like a girl?

I want him to do better at baseball and do not know how to help him.


Answer by  EJP0603 (53)

Tell him to throw the ball as if he was going to hit himself in the back of the head with it. Tell him to flick his wrists and use that to propel the ball, not his whole arm. Tell him to rotate his shoulder.


Answer by  TB64 (83)

You need to work with him on a daily basis. Show him the proper way to hold and throw the ball. Make sure he is throwing with the proper hand. He may be right or left handed when throwing a ball. Don't criticize or make rude comments which will deter him all the more.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

First off, don't make disparaging remarks to your son which demeans girls in any way. If you want him to be a better baseball player, encourage him, and practice!


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm working on this for my team, I think they often get a little carried away with all the technique and control we emphasize. Start by giving him a distance that is very far away.. 100 yards. (stack buckets and tell him to knock them over) Then go from there.

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