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Question by  maggie (9)

How can I go about repairing a leaking hose bib?


Answer by  JoeThePlumber (19)

Typically, leaking hose bibs are caused by a worn valve washer. You need to remove the nut under the valve handle, then unscrew and replace the rubber washer located on the end of the shaft. Replace the shaft and tighten the nut holding the shaft. Rubber washers can be found at your local hardware store.


Answer by  crazycampbells (56)

Use plumbers tape. It will add extra padding if the threads are crossed. It is easy to use and easy to find.


Answer by  mani (813)

First turn off water to the hose pipe. Go underneath and find out the type of hose. Using one wrench screw it,with another wrench hold the hose firmly so that the pipe will not twisted. Bye a new one which is exactly matching and screw it. Check under the house first or otherwise a big problem may occur.


Answer by  phil9745 (160)

First, turn the water supply off to the bibb. If it's leaking around the connection, loosen the bibb and re-apply thred tape or pipe compound to the threads. If it's leaking past the operating handle, remove the nut holding the seat in and replace the seat.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

Turn the water off, disassemble the bib, take the removable parts with you to the hardware store. With luck, all you'll need is a new washer.


Answer by  Kannaki (63)

If the hose bib is leaking, some can be repaired. Just cut off the water supply. Disassemble, repair the leakage place appropriately and reassemble, turn on the water and test.

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