Question by  Riekie (2)

How can I get the daily weather report on my cell phone?

I live in West Cape (Durbanville).


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

it depends if u have any kind of internet service on your phone where u can download an app that will always show the weather reports for a given area code. if u dont have the internet data plan then u can probably find a site where u can txt the site and then they send u a msg back


Answer by  woohoo (61)

There is a site on weather station were you can get a daily weather reports through your phone if you have sprint service. It is an additional fee.


Answer by  mrseeker (13)

There are lots of programs for your cellphone that you can use. For the blackberry, there is something called weatherbug, its a free program that you can use without any problems. For the Iphone I would recommend the Iphone weather app. Note that you need a cell phone with internet connection.


Answer by  Nancy0608 (10)

If you have a droid phone, go to the Android Market and search for free applications on weather. There are several that will allow you to search your zip code. Or, I believe that offers a txt weather to your cell phone service. However, I think you may get charged for this on your cell phone bill.


Answer by  smartin (51)

You can get up to date weather information on your cell phone by sending a text message to 242242 and asking for the weather, verifying your area by zip-code. This is a free text message and the answer will be delivered to your handset in a few short minutes.

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