Question by  shelsher (160)

How can I get permission to use the FairTrade logo?

I import goods from Colombia.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Fair Trade USA has a website where you can complete an online form, agree to the Terms of Use, and get permission to use the logo. You can also contact Fair Trade at TransFair USA, 1500 Broadway, Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612 or email info@transfairusa [dot]org. You can also contact the group by phone: 510-663-5260


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

Fairtrade International administers and assigns usage of the FairTrade logo, to be able to use it you first need to be certified by FLO-CERT, who will visit your operations in person to certify you first. Your suppliers will of course need to meet the requirements also.


Answer by  chuck333 (84)

If you import goods for overseas you must be sure to follow American law in when operating in the United States. Contact your nearest harbormaster to make sure your goods are marked with the FairTrade logo.


Answer by  Tamiko (25)

You must obtain permission to use the FairTrade logo by contacting the Fair Labeling Organizations International (FLO). Your products also must meet certain criteria in order to be able to use the fair trade logo. In the event you wish to sell your products in the US, you must register with Fair Trade USA.

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