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Question by  nerdgirl (78)

Where can I purchase can coolers?

I'm interested in the ones with team logos.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

They are in many stores like WalMart and Target. You can ask friends where they bought theirs. You can check at the liquor store. You can look online at Kijiji or place a wanted ad.


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

You should be able to purchase them at a Walmart, or a Sporting Goods store may even know where you could have them tailor made for your team of choice.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

You can try the foam and neoprene can coolers as being promoted and distributed by absorbent ink company. You can let them customize the labels or logos in the cans according to you specifications. The advantage of these products is that it could really maintain or keep the temperature of the beverage the way you want it.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

There are a few places online that you can buy them if you look hard enough. You can also get custom made ones and just have your favorite team logo engraved into it.

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