Question by  Lucrece (11)

How can I get over empty nest syndrome?


Answer by  Rose (6804)

immerse yourself in activities that you and your spouse enjoy. Find things you can do together that will help you to rekindle your relationship and zest for life. Go on vacations, volunteer at your church or local NICU in your hospital. Become active in your community. And rejoice in life.


Answer by  Anonymous

Party like it's 1999! Don't dwell on the fact that they're out having fun while you're stuck at home. Don't get stuck at home. Join a bowling team with your spouse, start calling couples you used to hang with. Enjoy life! Drink beer!


Answer by  John (9008)

Having your children leave the home can be a big adjustment. Many people suffer from empty nest syndrome. The best way to beat the blues is to find something else to occupy your time and energy. Pets and hobbies are common ways of doing this.

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