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Question by  zoid (49)

How can I get my cat to use a covered litter tray?


Answer by  lois47 (383)

If your cat is an adult and resists a covered tray, remove the tray for part of the day, reward the cat with a favorite food each time it uses the tray, covered or not, then keep the cover on for longer periods of time, each time rewarding the cat. Kittens will have no trouble adapting.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

You need to train your cat from a kitten for this. Adults cats tend to be scared of the cover on the litter tray. Cats don't like change at all and this would be a major change from a regular litter box to one that is covered. Its just how cats are.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can try and put your cat inside the litter box so the cat knows there is litter in the covered box. Make sure you put the new box exactly where the old one was. Sometimes it helps if you take cat poop and bury it in the litter box.


Answer by  cattybratty (181)

If your cat is used to an uncovered tray, take the cover off and let them "use" in a couple of times, then put the cover back on.

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