Question by  4lizzieb (120)

How can I get free airline upgrades?


Answer by  rolala (171)

The most direct way for you to be able to obtain free airline upgrades is to earn them via customer loyalty programs with the airline you fly most frequently. Airline upgrades are generally one of the incentive perks that are comparatively easiest to earn on most airline carrier reward programs.


Answer by  Mario31 (136)

The only reliable ways to get free airline upgrades are to either be a frequent flier, know the staff of the airline (family, or friend), or be considered important.


Answer by  kither04 (28)

If you are like me an in a wheelchair you can use this to your advantage. But when booking tickets don't tell them your in a wheelchair. Also when you show up at the gate show up right when all the regular passengers are boarding. Then they have to upgrade you to first class because they can't accomadate your handicap.


Answer by  H797H (157)

While there is not any surefire way to receive free airline upgrades aside from being a frequent flier and obtaining mileage points (which in the end costs money as you need to pay for airfare to gain miles), here are some suggestions. Dressing professional to fit in with first class passengers and asking flat-out when boarding


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

One way is to complain to the airline about something; if they've given bad service, lost your bags, etc., and you call or write to them and are sufficiently persistent, sometimes they'll give you coupons for free upgrades or discounts.


Answer by  John (9008)

The best way to get free upgrades from any airline is to join that airline's frequent flyer program. Although the exact details for each program vary by airline, most of them are free. Over time, you usually accumulate miles which can be used for upgrades. Some plans also let you get miles by using a particular credit card.


Answer by  TZ16 (367)

There are two easy ways to get a free airline upgrade. First, sign up for every airline's frequent traveler program. Flight upgrades are among the first awards. Second, when a flight appears full, sit or stand near the flight attendant near the counter. They will ask for volunteers to be rebooked. Often, a free upgrade or ticket is offered.


Answer by  Stylee (48)

Many times, if the flight you are about to board is not full, you can ask the attendant at the desk if he/she could upgrade your flight and if you have been delayed for any length of time, they sometimes are more willing to do the upgrade. Other times, they will announce free upgrades during the boarding process.


Answer by  woohoo (61)

If you get the credit card from the airlines you can earn rewards which can go towards free flights or other items.


Answer by  jamminjan0208 (102)

Offering to delay or take a later flight if the flight has been overbooked may work for an upgrade to either first class, cash compensation or a free flight within a year of current flight.

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