Question by  mare (15)

How do you get a free upgrade at MGM Las Vegas?

I would like a free upgrade at MGM Las Vegas.


Answer by  Joni (116)

It never hurts to appeal to the front desk staff in a cordial manner, as they have the power to do so. Also, tips are appreciated and welcomed in Vegas, so a generous one might go a long way when making your case. Remember, too, that the more you gamble there, the more comps you'll receive, including upgrades on rooms!


Answer by  near2land (493)

In today's economy, many services are open for negotigation including hotel accommodations. When making your reservation, ask the booking agent about pricing incentives and length of stay options. Clearly state your objectives so the agent understands your needs. Also ask about any unadvertised packages currently available for customers utilizing particular payment methods.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You don't just get free upgrades for no reason. Most Casino's and Hotels in Vegas tend to give free upgrades to "High Rollers. "


Answer by  chromiony (14)

Either try to do a late check in at night after 9pm when most of the regular rooms have been sold, ask very politely at the moment of check in and ask them if possible for a free upgrade. Ask is the best solutions.


Answer by  Shankalot (484)

The best way to get a complimentary upgrade at MGM Las Vegas is to demonstrate you have and will gamble there. Casinos reward their frequent guests with "comps" based on the amount of time they spend playing at the casino and the amount they are betting. Even small bets over a long period of time will get you a "comp. "


Answer by  traveler (34)

I think the only way is to join the high roller's club and gamble a lot and collect "comps" for the upgrade.

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