Question by  worker8246 (7)

How can I get an undercover police job?


Answer by  sar (227)

Undercover police officers aren't usually hired for the sole purpose of working undercover. They usually start their careers as regular officers and progress to different divisions of law enforcement.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

To get an undercover police job, first you would have to become a police office by joining a police academy and graduating from their program. Most undercover police are experienced law enforcement officials who have had lots of training on how to handle high stress situations and have learned to communicate well.


Answer by  djb228 (510)

Undercover agents are chosen from among the existing police force. The first step to becoming an undercover agent is to complete training and be hired as a police officer.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Police departments promote officers to various areas, like Vice, Homicide, Fraud, Narcotics, etc. The decision for an officer to go "undercover" is then up to the commander of the unit.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Best and quickest is to have served in the military. You need to go to police academy, join a force, prove yourself and pay your dues. While working for the force you should ask what courses you should take, and what duties you can apply for.


Answer by  Arque (81)

First you need to be employed as a regular police officer, but let the person responsible for choosing undercover officers know you are interested and familiarize yourself with the role before taking it.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

You have to be with the police to even be considered for an undercover position. Focus on getting into the Cops first and then you can try to become undercover.


Answer by  debra79 (21)

Usually, you would need to start out as a police officer, then get transferred to the investigative unit after a period of time.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

To become an undercover police officer, you need to be a police officer for a number of years (on average, approximately 10 years). They also need to pass a very interesting and complex test to become an undercover officer, which is very challenging, as you must be able to adopt to many obstacles.


Answer by  lucky38 (8)

To get job, you have to be a bold, volatile police and ready to work between any of the twenty four hours a day.

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