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Question by  kim67 (12)

How can I get a solo jazz guitar gig?

I am really good at the jazz guitar and would love to be able to perform more.


Answer by  MsMusicMandie (34)

I think the best place to start looking is locally. Craigslist yourself or search for work through Craigslist. Otherwise perform on the street and see if you get some recognition.


Answer by  Adi (175)

Find a restaurant, bar, or club in your city that has live music. Drop in during the day and ask the manager if they have any openings, and give them a cd to check out. If they like what they hear, you're in!


Answer by  YK (304)

Networking is the key to getting gigs. Get to know other musicians- also, get to know your local venues- playing at an open mic night may lead to bigger things!


Answer by  DukeTuba (23)

You need to put together a press kit. Include a photo, a list of songs in your show, and and a three song demo, preferably with a ballad and an uptempo number. You might also reference other venues you've played at.

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