Question by  NancyKayJenney (37)

How can I get a job as a movie extra?

I think it would be fun to be a movie extra.


Answer by  Sarah96 (52)

The best way to become a movie extra is to look in trade journals, including Hollywood Reporter and The Variety.


Answer by  melissa92 (30)

I saw on one of the big job websites, yahoo or monster, a job ad for movie extras. Appearantly, this company will recruit all across the country. They have a website that you can log on to get started.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

If you live in Los Angeles, you can register with any of the local extras casting agencies (you can find them with a Google search). They may charge a small fee, but with persistence you will probably be called for a job eventually. Good luck!


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

I've done it a bunch of times. Watch your local television news for an announcement or check your local paper's classifieds. You can also register with an agent.


Answer by  angelzkissus (9)

Start with the newspaper. Many times there are ads in area newspapers. Use online search engines. Many can take you there immediately. Then just apply(don't forget to take/send pictures where you are dressed in everyday clothes and dressed up. Remember you should not have to pay for a job.


Answer by  bob42 (33)

When movies are filming in an area they normally run open call adds in the local paper and on the radio for extras. They may request persons with specific characteristics in the adds.

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