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Question by  SK (17)

How do I fix a screeching sound from the front passenger side of my car?

I have a Volvo S60.


Answer by  Justin25 (29)

First, Check the brakes. They may be sticking and need to be lubed and broken free. Next, the Brake pads may be worn to the squealers and need replaced. Otherwise, the rotors may need replaced and may be done so for a nominal fee.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

The Volvo has a bad problem with the air conditioning ducts becoming dislodged behind the dashboard. It takes a small hand to reach under the dash and reconnect the tubing


Answer by  elained (44)

jack up car. take the tire off.disasseble the brake caliper assembly, remove the brake pads, and replace with new brake pads, and reassemble the brake caliper assembly. Install tire .


Answer by  Cardude (48)

The screeching sound could be cause by a multitude of problems. More information is needed to properly answer the question. The best bet would be to take the vehicle to a reputable repair shop.


Answer by  millertym (125)

Most likely this is due to old/lose belts in your engine. Take the car to a mechanic you trust and have them perform a belt tuneup/replacement.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If it occurs only during braking, your brakes need replaced. If it occurs all the time then you probably have something rubbing underneath the car.


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

Jack the car up, and check the brakes they might be sticking and add a little lubracation to unstick the brakes. Replace the pads to see if that works.You may have to replace the rotors. It may also be a worn out belt under the hood.Check all of you belts to see if they are lose and replace.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

do you hear this sound when appling brake or all the time . chances are are brake pad are hitting the wear indicator. replace them and have rotors checked.


Answer by  Jennytaurus (144)

You have to identify if the screech is coming from the brakes. If it is, you need to have your brakes fixed.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well in most cause when you have a high pitch sound coming from the front of the car it is either a worn bearing, a noisy accessory, or the brakes.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

The screeching sound you hear is the belts under the hood .Putting a drop of soap on the belt that is slipping is a quick fix .To fix it properly you have to tighten the slipping do this loosen the tensioner bolt get a long pry bar to add levrage and put it in between the altanator

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